Swimming Pool, 2016

Better Days

Korea has been developed rapidly over 40 years, which caused a lot of social ironies. One of the irony is long working hours with very short period of break. During holidays, Koreans try their best to enjoy it, but due to lack of time to travel, they spend time mostly around city. For these reasons, city's time and space, social restriction and optimism, collective leisure and consumption are compressed.

"Better Days" implies to Korean society.

한국은 지난 40년에 걸쳐 급속한 발전을 이루었다. 이 과정에서 많은 사회적 모순이 생겨났는데, 그 중에 하나가 긴 노동 시간 끝에 주어지는 짧은 휴가다. 여유로운 여가를 즐기기 힘든 한국 사람들은 긴 여행 대신에 주로 도시 주변에 머물며 일상의 피로를 풀기 위해 노력한다. 이러한 이유들로 도시의 시간과 공간, 사회적 제약과 낙관, 집단적 여가와 소비는 압축되었다.


'Better Days'는 한국 사회를 함축적으로 보여준다.

"Time to question our lifestyle how we live.. Got me thinking about better days"  -2Pac

Hanok Swimming Pool, 2017
Ice Fishing, 2014
“The biggest Ice Fishing Festival in the world”
Mulbit Park, 2018
“People in the city enjoy delivery food and swimming”
Bamdokkaebi Market, 2016
Snow Festival, 2014
Psy's "Gangnam Style"
Royal Azaleas Hill, 2019
“The people in the royal azaleas hill”
Firework Festival, 2018
“The rehearsal for the Firework Festival in the city on a windy day”
Campsite, 2018
Pyeongchang Festival, 2019
"Catch the rainbow trout, pure gold as a prize"
Youngrongyi Park, 2018
Boramae Park, 2019
"Review the honor guard for Children's Day"
Lake Park, 2019
Globe Amaranth Festival, 2018