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Seunggu KIM lives and works in Seoul, South Korea. He earned his BFA in photography from Sangmyung University, and MFA in visual art from Korea National University of Arts. Thinking photographs could show our “real world”. He would like to show how we are living and balance the unnatural elements in a single frame. He observes how we get used to and overcome social contradictions. He is interested in and records the process of people finding the “way of coexistence” despite the contradiction of Korean society. He thinks it is important to understand and interpret the social, cultural, and environmental characteristics of contemporary Korea in detail to explore the reality of today. His photographs cover everyday landscapes such as urban life, leisure culture, climate change and suburban facilities, but they reveal center and surroundings, tradition and modern, spiritual values and material desires.



Select recent milestones include: Information, Aperture Foundation; Ten by Ten, Houston FotoFest; Grand Prix Winner, Tokyo International Photography Competition; Korean Photographer’s Fellowship of the year, KT&G; The Finalist of 2018 Art Photography, Lens Culture; Supported Artist of 2019 Solo Exhibition, Filter Space; Solo and selected group Exhibitions, The Korea Society, Aperture Gallery, and The UPI Gallery in New York, Filter Space in Chicago, The Museum of Contemporary Photography of Ireland, Laney Contemporary Fine Art in Savannah, Three Shadows Photography Art Centre in Beijing


His new book, BAM ISLET, was published by KT&G Sangsangmadang in 2019.


2012    M.F.A in School of Visual Arts, Korea National University of Arts, Korea

2007    Department of Photography, Sangmyung University, Korea

Solo Exhibitions

2019    Bam Islet, KT&G Sangsangmadang Gallery, Seoul

2019    Better Days, Filter Space, Chicago

2019    Better Days, The Korea Society, New York

2018    A Day Trip, Artbit Gallery, Seoul

2017    Better Days, SongEun ArtStorage: White Cube Project, Seoul

2017    City of Glass, BMW Photo Space, Busan

2016    Envisaged in a Dream, Post Territory Ujeongguk, Seoul

2015    A List of Landscapes, SongEun Art Cube, Seoul

Selected Group Exhibitions

2022    Jingyeong Sansu, Botanic Gardens, Belfast

2022    That's my World, Apfelwein Galerie, Frankfurt

2021    Zapping the Archive, Bleschunov Municipal Museum, Odessa

2021    Mapping the Multitude, Museum Centre Ploshchad Mira, Krasnoyarsk

2021    Different Dimension, City Art Centre, Novosibirsk

2021    Edition VI, Galerie Echo119, Paris

2020    Information, Fotografiska, New York

2020    BBA Photography Prize, BBA Gallery, Berlin

2020    Ten by Ten, The Silos, FotoFest, Houston

2020    Edition VI, Contour Gallery, Rotterdam

2019    KT&G SKOPF Artist of the year, GoEun Museum of Photography, Busan

2019    Beyond Boundaries, Aperture Gallery, New York

2019    Format International Photography Festival, Quad, Derby

2019    Greetings from South Korea, Three Shadows Photography Art Centre, Beijing

2019    Photo London, Somerset House, London, UK

2019    Aint-Bad: Collaborations, Laney Contemporary Fine Art, Savannah 

2019    Need/Want, 72 Gallery, Tokyo

2019    Need/Want, The UPI Gallery, New York

2019    Trusted Memory, St Annes Square, Belfast

2019    PhotoIreland, The Museum of Contemporary Photography of Ireland, Dublin

2019    Need/Want, No. 3, 4 Warehouse, Taipei

2018    Ring Ring Belt, Donuimun Open Creative Village, Seoul

2018    Jimei X Arles Photo Festival, Xiamen

2018    Role-playing: Rewriting Mythologies, Daegu Photo Biennale, Daegu

2017    Gyeonggi Art Prism 2017, Gyeonggi Museum of Modern Art

2016    50X50, Art Sonje, Seoul

2015    Summer Love, SongEun Art Space, Seoul

2015    Our Happy day, Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul


Awards(with Grants)

2023   13th Ilwoo Photo Award, Ilwoo Foundation

2022    JRNL 11, FotoFilmic

2021    JRNL 8, FotoFilmic

2020    Summer Open Artist, Aperture Foundation

2020    Open Call_First Prize, Life Framer

2019    Ten by Ten, Houston FotoFest

2019    Grand Prix Winner, Tokyo International Photography Competition

2019    Ones to Watch, British Journal of Photography 

2019    Fund for Korean Art Abroad, Korea Arts Management Service    

2018    Korean Photographer's Fellowship-Final Artist of the year, KT&G Sangsangmadang

2018    Selected as a 'Supported Artist of Solo Exhibition', Filter Photo

2018    Finalist of Art Photography Awards, Lens Culture

2018    Selected as an Artist for Funds to Support the Solo Exhibition, The Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture

2017    Selected as a 'Supported Artist of Solo Exhibition', GoEun Art and Cultural Foundation

2016    Selected as an Artist for funds to Support the Solo Exhibition, The Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture

2014    Selected as a 'Supported Artist of Solo Exhibition', SongEun Art and Cultural Foundation

Public Collection

2022    National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art​, Art Bank, Korea

2022    The Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts, Moscow, Russia

2021    Museum Centre Ploshchad Mira, Krasnoyarsk, Russia

2020    Museum of Contemporary Photography, Chicago, US

2020    KT&G Sangsangmadang, Korea

2018    National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art​, Art Bank, Korea

2017    Gyeonggi Museum of Modern Art​, Korea

2017    GoEun Photo Museum, Korea

2010    Dong-gang Photo Museum, Korea

2012   한국예술종합학교 미술원 조형예술과 예술전문사 졸업

2007   상명대학교 사진학과 졸업


2019   <밤섬>, KT&G 상상마당 갤러리, 서울

2019   <Better Days>, Filter Space, 시카고

2019   <Better Days>, The Korea Society, 뉴욕

2018   <A Day Trip>, 아트비트 갤러리, 서울

2017   <Better Days>, 송은 수장고: 화이트 큐브 프로젝트, 서울

2017   <유리의 성>, BMW Photo Space, 부산

2016   <꿈에 그린>, 탈영역 우정국, 서울

2015   <풍경의 목록>, 송은아트큐브, 서울

기획 그룹전

2022   <Jingyeong Sansu>, Botanic Gardens, 벨파스트

2022   <That's my World>, Apfelwein Galerie, 프랑크푸르트

2021   <Zapping the Archive>, Bleschunov Municipal Museum, 오데사

2021   <Mapping the Multitude>, Museum Centre Ploshchad Mira, 크라스노야르스크

2021   <Different Dimension>, City Art Centre, 노보시비르스크

2021   <Edition VI>, Galerie Echo119, 파리

2020   <Information>, Fotografiska, 뉴욕

2020   <BBA Photography Prize>, BBA Gallery, 베를린

2020   <Ten by Ten>, The Silos, 포토페스트, 휴스턴

2020   <Edition VI>, Contour Gallery, 로테르담

2019   <KT&G SKOPF Artist of the year>, 고은사진미술관, 부산

2019   <Beyond Boundaries>, Aperture Gallery, 뉴욕

2019   <Format International Photography Festival>, Quad, 더비

2019   <Greetings from South Korea>, Three Shadows Photography Art Centre, 북경

2019   <Photo London>, Somerset House, 런던

2019   <Aint-Bad: Collaborations>, Laney Contemporary Fine Art, 사바나 

2019   <Need/Want>, 72 Gallery, 도쿄

2019   <Need/Want>, The UPI Gallery, 뉴욕

2019   <Trusted Memory>, St Annes Square, 벨파스트

2019   <PhotoIreland>, The Museum of Contemporary Photography of Ireland, 더블린

2019   <Need/Want>, No. 3, 4 Warehouse, 타이페이

2018   <Ring Ring Belt>, 돈의문 박물관 마을, 서울

2018   <Jimei X Arles Photo Festival>, 샤먼   

2018   <역할극: 신화 다시쓰기>, 대구사진비엔날레, 대구

2017   <경기 아트 프리즘 2017>, 경기도 미술관, 경기

2016   <50X50>, 아트선재, 서울

2015   <Summer Love>, 송은아트스페이스, 서울

2015   <기쁜 우리 좋은 날>, 서울시립북서울미술관, 서울


선 정

2023   제13회 일우사진상 '올해의 주목할 만한 작가', 출판부문, 일우재단

2022   JRNL 11, FotoFilmic

2021   JRNL 8, FotoFilmic

2020   Summer Open Artist, Aperture Foundation

2020   Open Call_First Prize, Life Framer

2019   Ten by Ten, 휴스턴 사진비엔날레

2019   Grand Prix Winner, Tokyo International Photography Competition

2019   Ones to Watch, British Journal of Photography 

2019   해외기관 초청, 협력 전시 지원, 예술경영지원센터

2018   제11회 한국사진가 지원프로그램 SKOPF 올해의 최종 작가, KT&G 상상마당

2018   필터스페이스 전시작가, 필터 포토

2018   Art Photography Awards-Finalist, 렌즈컬처

2018   서울문화재단 예술작품지원 전시작가, 서울문화재단

2017   BMW포토스페이스 전시작가, 고은문화재단

2016   서울문화재단 예술작품지원 전시작가, 서울문화재단

2014   송은아트큐브 전시작가, 송은문화재단

소 장

2022   국립현대미술관 정부미술은행, 서울, 한국

2022   푸쉬킨 미술관, 모스코바, 러시아

2021   플로샤드 미라 미술관, 크라스노야르스크, 러시아

2020   현대사진미술관, 시카고, 미국

2020   KT&G 상상마당 갤러리, 서울, 한국

2018   국립현대미술관 정부미술은행, 서울, 한국

2017   경기도 미술관, 안산, 한국

2017   고은사진미술관, 부산, 한국

2010   동강사진박물관, 영월, 한국

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